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Re: O/T - Messenger pop-ups!!!

yes they are very anoying!!!
LEVE's method is good (killing messenger service), however 'messing around' with your box's services in general can have adverse affects if you don't know what you are doing.
Most of those pop-up windows are browser windows that are sized differently and made to appear like a windows (OS) display message (in other words to trick user). Most of the 'buttons' on those windows are not buttons at all - again made to trick the user -for example: if you click them they will take you to some website (in most cases) and not 'close' the window as 'button' name says. usually if you click anywhere on the window it will take you to some website. you can see that by dragging mouse over the window - it will have appearance as if you put mouse over the link (cursor is hand and not arrow) - hence if you click it it will take you (link you )to website. So, even if the 'button' says 'close' I don't click on that. what I do is close it from task bar (task bar is that 'gray bar at the bottom of your window, in line with 'start' button). most of those pop-ups will show there (as any browser window or application window) - so go where it is on task bar, right click over it and select 'close' - that will kill it. Another method is to do alt+ctrl+delete and select 'Task Manager' -click on 'Applications' tab, find pop-up window name there, click it and then click 'End Task'
Also, as preventive measure (but not only one) I disable automatic refresh of stored pages for my web browser. It also saves bandwidth because it does not try to retrieve page when I don't want it (or not aware of) and also because these pop-ups are usually set up to display when you visit some web page - so if your browser tries to automatically refresh another pop up might come up since you visited page again. If you want to disable that, at least for Internet Explorer, go to IE icon on your desktop, right click on it, select properties, click General tab, and in section where it says 'Temp Internet Files' click on 'Settings' button. New window will show and under "Check for newer versions of stored pages' click "Every visit to the page" (don't check "Never" because your system will then try to display page from local machine (your box) and not the internet - assuming you already visited that page)

well this turned out to be long, but I hope it helps
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