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Re: Drivetrain knock

Sounds like your problem is solved but I'm not sure I understand. Did someone pull your lug nuts off? That actually happened to one of my buddies about 2 weeks ago while he was driving down the freeway at 65 MPH and 120 miles from his house. Fortunately, no one got hurt and the truck is ok too but the wheel is junk and he had to get the truck towed back home. He is very anal about his wheels and torques his lug nuts by hand with a torque wrench, like I do. He figures that someone tried to steal the wheels but couldn't get the keyed security lug off. So, he unknowingly drove it with just the security lug until it finally broke that stud. Another friend of mine had a "wobbling" feel on her car after getting snow tires mounted. She pulled over and found that all the lugs on one wheel were loose. The mechanic forgot to tighten them.
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