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Re: O/T Hahahaha JeepGod does it again

1) That's not the only recent thread to get axed.
2) Where did the one that Skooly79cj post titled "Are Jeeps
3) (Rainbow)" get to so soon??? Notice I used the word
4) rainbow because the word actually used in the title
5) might be perceived as offensive to some - er I mean one
6) person here. There was absolutely nothing offensive
7) about it. It appeared to be somewhat of a poll from "that"
8) community about the most popular vehicles they drive and
9) the TJ was on the list. So what's so offensive about that?

10) I got heck for using a mildly offensive word in a post a
11) while back. In fact, the word I used wasn't really
12) offensive at all in the context it was used, but he
13)"demanded" that I change it or he would remove the post
14) altogether.

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