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Re: Saftey on vs. off-road

I think they should make people pass an IQ test before selling them tools ...Like...

How many fingers do you have left ?

How many gallons of oil need to run down your arm before you figure out a better way to do it ?

how many different angels do your arms need to bend to get at that bolt on the back of the engine by the firewall?

can you use a 7/16 th bolt if the factory spec's call for 5/8 th ? Its close ?

If your bearing is making noise from lack of grease it is ok to just pack a handfull of grease in there around it,so when the bearing gets red hot the grease will run in?

It is ok to push any old bolt into a hole after you have stripped out every last thread in there, especially if it is for seats and seat belts, or motor mounts? TIP: Duct tape works really well for a filler here.

3 Qts of oil should last till your next 10,000 mile oil change?
How many spray cans of WD 40 could be used to replace the 3 qts?
It is OK to spray it down the dip tick tube, if your filler cap is duct taped on to prevent leaking?

Oil filters are a waste of money, punch a hole in a soupe can and suck out the contents with a straw, then thread it on where the flter should have gone and seal it up with duct tape?

Duct tape is the only tool you will ever really need?
the rest are just gimics ?
Duct tape will outlast the best welded seam ?
Duct tape does not work really well on exhaust manfolds, but it is OK to try? you never know.

If your two piece axel is coming apart, use a ten pound or better sledge hammer to peen over the end, then professionally finish the job with dut tape.?

Some of the above are actual events, dicovered while working on some older vehicles.
The names have been changed to protect the innocent ?

anyone care to add to this ? feel free
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