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Re: Have to re-gear if I add 32\" tires on 98 Sahar

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but if the 30's that came stock are really 30's one could easily fit 31's and most likely not rub anything. That's .5 inch all the way around - not to insult anyone's intelligence, I'm just emphasizing..

[/ QUOTE ]

..but the 30" tires aren't 30" ..not even close. They are just about the same as 275/35r15 ..or about 28.5".

That being said ..the problem is not the height of the tire AT ALL. I put 33" tires on my wife's Sahara WITH NO LIFT. The only issue (beside it looking rather "bloated") is either the width (virtually anything having a section width over 9.50 ..or the diameter (in my case 33") causes rubbing at the extremes when steering. Naturally if you intend to flex much ....the height will be an issue ...but that's an issue with smaller tires as well.
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