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SOA issues :(

Damnit I knew I should have been paying attention when Jammy did his SOA years back.. but nooooo that was way too advanced stuff for me.


I SOA'd the rear due to some spring issues..

It's done, and it looks good. (Jeep is almost back to level.)

But, I have noticed some driveline issues.

Question #1. CV shaft? Can this go on with my hard driveshaft (sickoes) and slipyolk in the Tcase?
Or do I need an SYE.. the angle is only a tinsy winsy bit too much and I'm trying to save for UNI this summer.

Question two.

Can I just drop the skidplate an inch or less, and point my Tcase down, as well as lower it? I know I know.. the engine and tranny will tilt too... but they won't move that far.. I mean, and inch at the output.. is like 1/4" at the bellhousing.. and almost nothing at the motor mounts..

Is this possible? and option?

Also, why did Chrysler put my shcok mounts UNDER the axle.
Makes no sence to me. :-/

Anyways. Thanks for any and all help.

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