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Re: Conversion: Th-350 to Dana 300

1. Welcome to the forum.
2. Please complete your user profile:[*] It's a nice thing to do.[*] It's helps to know who we're talkin' to.[*] It helps to know what's your ride.[*]It helps to know the local in which you live.

3. Read the New Posters Message at the top of the forum.
4. Participate! Two brains are better'n one!
5. Well, when you're working on a Jeep,
6. You've got to do what you've got to do.
7. Yep, the skidpalates are different...
8. But since you're in for a dime,
10. You may just want to be in for a dollar...
11. Clock that puppy and use a flat plate accross the frame rails..
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