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Re: Drivetrain knock

Well, given the lack of responces I should have checked the obvious. Since my problem sounds rather odd.

This morning, i have my knock as normal, issue with the soft-top so I pull over and fix it. Knock goes away. I figured that going up on the embankment slid something back that was loose.


About 1/2 mile from the University BAM, rear left tire falls off. Barely on.

Now, I know what your thinking, I'm not dumb enough to be driving around with loose lugs, they looked fine last night.

I get the van at work, and jack myself up. (Yea I helped a friend this weekend and my jack wound up back in my garage)

So, I pull a lug off each wheel and limp back to the Univ.

So, what can anyone take away from this?

a)You've heard it before, and you get to hear it again. Have your emergency gear on you (jack, whatnot)

b)When your problem looks so complicated you can't figured it out. Check the obvious.

c)When all is said and done, if nothing is broken, and no one is hurt, laugh a little. I've got to do a serious look at everything .

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