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Re: Why do Shackles lean out

If the upper bushing aren't shot, and the hangers aren't bent, then the spring themselves are pushing it sideways.
It takes an awful lot of sideways pressure to collapse those bushings that much.
So the springs aren't on the axle right - has someone replaced the axle or re-positioned the spring perches? I really doubt it's the fault of the springs, but possible.
Take off the shackles and see where the spring ends "want to be." Bet they don't "want" to be under the hanger.

Measure between the inside of the springs at the other end, then measure the shackle hangers inside - should be about the same. The axle perches should also be the same, or at least 1/2 the difference plus the smaller width.

Sometimes the springs are not quite parallel on purpose - a slight skew can add stability in a turn. It can add, or at least control, understeer or oversteer. But they should line up straight at the shackle.
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