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Drivetrain knock

Just today I started hearing a knock which seemed to be underneith me (Driver-side).

It happens when I get going, and then depress the clutch. As I engage the clutch, and speed up die dies away.

As I slow down, depress clutch, disengage the gear and come to a stop it slow down, then finialy stops while I idle. It sounds like it's insync with the clutch or something around that area in the drive train.

Since it doesn't sound at idle, and it eventualy slows down. That is what lead me to believe it was drive-train related, not engine.

Given the sound happens most frequently when I apply the clutch, I figured it might be related. The clutch still engaged, and there seems to be nothing functionaly wrong (at the moment, knock on wood).

I've taken some pictures of around the drive shaft connection points, since they seem a little suspecious.


will post the pics in one sec
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