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Three things make me thinjk that yes you are lifted....

1. 33x12.50 and has quite a few inches between the top of the tires and the top of the fender wells.

2. removing the longer shackles and installing stock tommorrow (kinda obviuos [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] ) how long are the shackles?

3.The pitman arm is still stock and the angle from there to the knuckle is around(best guess) 15deg or so. Ya, you want this as close to level with the ground as possible. either by a high steer set-up, where you bring the tie-rods up higher to the pitman arm, or by and easier and cheaper method of a drop pitman arm. between this and you shackles, I bet you could clean up your steering quite a bit!!
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