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Trac lock axle shaft wheel bearing problem

Last week I was driving my CJ and I lost my rear drivers side wheel bearing, me trying to limp it home caused it to chew up the bearing and the seals and the retainer plate that holds the axle shaft in the tube. The axle shaft had moved out about a 4 inches when I got home. Since the shaft pulled out, it was immobile, even if I tried to drive it the drive shaft would turn but it would go nowhere. Any way I got the shaft out replaced the bearing and all seals and plates.... but I cant get the shaft to go all the way in to the diff. It is like it is haveing problems getting it to line up. So I consulted my manual and it said CAUTION on a jeep equiped with track lock if you remove one axle shaft never let the other side spin or you will not be able to get it lined up agian. BUt the other side spun as I rolled home????? SO now what? the manual says not to do it but not what to do if you already did? What should i do to get the shaft splines to slide all the way in, it is only about an inch away.

If anyone has any info on what to do it would be great.

Anything helps, thanks in advance.


PS the rear end is a AMC20 narrow track with 3.54 gears
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