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Re: South Carolina Nutter Bypass

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Maybe all I need is someone to say--Its a piece of cake, do it!!!!

[/ QUOTE ]1. I can't say it's a piece of cake, because,
2. For most owners it's electrical,
4. And that contains a fear/frustration level.
5. But once you start,
6. Look twice,
7. Cut once.
8. Go slow,
9. Be sure you understand the directions,
10. It's not a hard job,
11. Just one that most people aren't comfortable with,
12. But be assured that lots of Jeepers have done the job successfully,
13. And you're likely smarter that one or two of 'em.
14. So if they can do it...
15. So can you.
16. Now go get those wire cutters!
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