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Re: Tell me I\'m not crazy...

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Tell me I'm not crazy...

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sorry man, no can do... [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

but as for your questions...

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Am I missing something or should this work out okay, anything I should check or watch out for on the T18 when I go to get it?

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I recall swimming in al lthe same info a couple months ago.. but not to worry, it's well worth it when you get done with the swap. just took mine out for it's first run off road and I was a VERY HAPPY CAMPER!!

If i were in your shoes, I'd do the following (It's what I did)

I had a T-18 from a J-truck, I picked up a junked Ford T-18 and scavanged the Input shaft and a couple other parts to put in my T-18. Ford T-18 cost me $75. had a chewed First/Rev gear, and a cluster gear that was missing a tooth, but the Input was good.Swapped it over and let her roll.

Issues I ran into going from T-150 to T-18 in my CJ5 were minimal, In-Frame Header clearance was awfull tight, but do-able, Tranny mounts are different although the part numbers I found were the same (go figure). But CAverDave fixed that for me while I worked on Ujoints.... and I too had a tub clearance issue for the D20 shifter. But a Fiberglass tub is easy to work on, so I widened the hole and we made a new shifter cover for the tub.

But in short, I'd find a Ford T-18 and snag the Input shaft, or call a supplier and pick up an input shaft.. that can be costly though.
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