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I believe this is from a V8 so it will have the long input shaft and the 5 inch adapter/spacer but with my 104 inch wheelbase I should be okay as far as length.

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I have a T18 from a J-4000 in my `62 CJ5 right now the input shaft was 16 and change inches long, I used the Advanced Adapter kit to shorten the input shaft. If you can call the people with the T18 and have them take the top cover off, have them count the teeth on the input shaft, (First teeth inside front of the case), If it has 17 teeth, then, you're in luck, This is the 6.32 to 1 first gear. AA and Novak have adapters for you. I bought the kit from Mile Hi Jeep Rebuilders and had them install it for about $400.00. When they broke into the case they found the bearings were swimming in water so a full rebuild was in order. The bearings and small parts, and labor was about $100.00 more. Parts man Mike was said to be cheaper but, I don't have the website for him. I know somebody out there has his website in favorites.

TheBigUgly [img]images/graemlins/burnout.gif[/img]first gear 6.32
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