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Re: Lifting This Weekend. Last Minute ???

Hi Jay,

I'll be doing exactly the same this weekend (only a 4" lift so it is slightly more involved).

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- What lubricant should be used to lube up the spring bushings?

[/ QUOTE ]

I've seen plenty of replies on this one but I haven't seen anybody mentioning the fact that your new springs most likely come with polyurethane bushings. If you use ordinary grease, chances are that they will be squeaking in no time. Normally you need to use a teflon based grease for this. When I changed all my bushings and body mounts a few years ago, the kit came with some teflon loaded grease. Unfortunately the amount that came with the bushings was very small so I looked around and found that Loctite sells it as well and is called "Superlube".

Anyway that is my view on the greasing side... I'll let others chime in on this one...

I am not even going to bother with the PB Blaster this time as I know that most of the nuts are seized up solid. My spring kit and I am sure yours does as well, comes with nice 'n shiny new u-bolts so why bother undoing the old ones?? I'll just put the angle grinder in the old u-bolts and cut the suckers off. Just be careful that everything is supported properly and that you relieve the tension of the old leaf springs by undoing the shackles first so the springs don't come flying around your earholes when you cut the u-bolts [img]images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]

As for the shackles: Not sure what he is on about with "hitting the frame". Boomerang shackles as far as I know are designed to prevent your shackles from going "over centre". I currently have longer heavy duty Con-Ferr shackles on my Jeep and will be keeping them although I will cut them down to stock length and redrill them.

You can always change the shackles at a later stage if you are not happy with the normal ones. It is not that hard and certainly doesn't take much time. Keep your money in your pocket and run the stock shackles for a while.

The only thing that could cause a problem are the military wraps i.e. that they physically won't fit as the spring eye is too close to the spring hanger. Measure how much room you will have left when both the spring eye and the spring hanger are inserted into the shackle. You might require slightly longer shackles but don't go overboard with the lenght as it will affect the caster of your front axle and give your Jeep a wandering feeling on the straight.

Hope this helps...

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