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Re: O/T Which prvides a better weld?

1.How thick is the metal big are the machines
3.Stick welders can usually weld thicker material
4.both will look nice depending on who is operating them.
5.very little slag with mig
6.strength = penetration
7.proper prep = better penetration

moral of the story is both are strong, make sure if you are using mig that the metal is not to thick. I would rather do one pass with a stick than two with a mig. Prep your metal before welding. Make a v shape between the two pieces for the bead of the weld to fit into to. your weld should almost be flush when your done. Don't grind to much though [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

I would use my mig welder which is a miller 210 for welding up a tire carrier that is probably 3/16..

What size is yur mig welder..

IMHO push a mig don't pull.

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