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Re: Tell me I\'m not crazy...

I understand what you mean about the brain swimming in circles after ready old posts.
Don't know if your going to get the long shaft (10"+/_) or the real long shaft (16" +/-). The problem is getting the TC shifter up into the cab. Might have to close up the old hole and make a new hole (that's what I did) or maybe you will get the long shifter.
As for what to look out for on a T-18: As with any used transmission, it might be a good idea to replace the seals, syncros, etc.. You can open the top (6 bolts & pry up) and look at the gears for wear, missing edges. etc. Look at the oil for metal. Same for the TC.
Take a good look at the input shaft splines (at very front), a V-8 can put a twist in it. I have some twist in mine but I used it anyway. It came from a CJ with hopped up V-8 and I'm running a 258 I-6 (so far so good).
I also had to relocate the e-brake cable bracket & the transmission mount. Nothing major.

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