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Tell me I\'m not crazy...

I've done too much reading of old posts and write ups to think straight right now so I'm hoping someone will agree with me that this will work fine. To start with I've got a Commando with a 360 and a T15. Its fine on the street but I really need a granny low so I have found a T18/D20 combo from a J truck to swap in. Unfortunately this is 200 miles away so I cant just measure everything yet. I believe this is from a V8 so it will have the long input shaft and the 5 inch adapter/spacer but with my 104 inch wheelbase I should be okay as far as length. I know I will have to lengthen and shorten my driveshafts and move my tranny crossmember but thats no problem. I am hoping to use this as is with no adapters cause I'm too cheap. Am I missing something or should this work out okay, anything I should check or watch out for on the T18 when I go to get it?
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