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Wierd Timing/Carb/Ignition issue... Don\'t know...

OK, this has happened twice recently. First time was immeadiately following last saturday night run at URE when we stripped the 360. and then just now on my back to the office after lunch.

Saturday night immeadiatley after making a fairy steep ascent up Dutch John trail I shut the engine off. When we packed up to go back to camp, I fired up the CJ, and all the way back if I left the engine to idle in nuetral or clutch in, she'd bog down as if loading up. I just figured that after te climb and shutting her off I had fouled a plug or something and didn't think much abou it. Fired it up in the morning and she ran fine.

Today, I drove home, ate lunch, fired her up to come back and at idle she wanted to die, just as if she was loading up. give it any bit of gas and you'd never know there was anything wrong. let off and she'd start bogging down. So I turned it, fired it back up and all was fine. just as it should be.... WIERD! this is a new one to me.. so I start thinking what might this be? Only happens at idle, when decelerating she backfires like mad, give it any bit of gas and she runs fine. Shut down, fire it back up , and all is well..... [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

things I think are possibilities:

1. Timing
2. Carb.. maybe idle circuit, but wouldn't that lean it out?
3. Ignition acting up

My set-up:

304, MC 2150, Ford TFI, cap, rotor and Coil, 8.8mm spark wires....
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