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Re: More Herculiner Questions

I can't remember if the instructions said this or not, but paint brush (actualy kind of dab) the stuff into all of the corners and edges first. Then, do the roller thing. It ends up very nice and finished that way. I can't imagine that stuff going through a paint gun, but I know some have done it, I liked the control I had while rolling it.

Here is the order/time frame mine went in:

Preped fiberglass tub per instructions
Used foam type paint brush for all corners
Rolled on first coat
Waited one hour
Rolled on second coat
Imediately pulled tape from edges that I masked off
Next morning, dry enough to walk in.
Use it ALL up. Once the can is opened, the Herculiner has been exposed to moisture and will harden. Even if it doesen't harden, you will never get the lid back off to use it again!

Ended up very evenly coated and very durable. Three years old now and there aren't any wear marks on the stuff!
Plan on throwing away everything you use to apply the stuff, roller pads, brushes, paint pan (use disposable liners). It just isn't worth the five bucks you spend on the stuff to bother using five bucks worth of solvent to clean it all off.
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