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A half Nutter

Hi All,

My mother has a 83 CJ7 Auto and completely stock that
she bought new. She has driven it little in the last 5
years due to poor idle and other problems.

We live in California so to get tags everything has to
work. And with only 80,000mi the old jeep passed with
flying colors. It's just not very drivable for a retired
grandmother. Low speed stalls kill the PS and grandma
does not like that.

I've been diddling with it for the last 6 months and I
fixed everything but the idle. So I started searching
the internet and found this forum where the archives
pointed me to everything I needed to know. The carb
is junk. Simple really.

So I did a half Nutter. That is I screwed in the idle
screws till the plunger was fully forward and unluged
the plug at the back of the carb. Reset the idle screws,
reset the idle - it was way up - and that's it. It ran
too good to be true. Shocking really. Idles better
than new.

Now this modification is of course for off road use
only and it has the advantage of being really easy to
undo if I wish to drive on public roads or get a smog
test. Just plug it in.

My question is, is this a huge mistake? Can the computer
controlled ignition working with a non computer controlled
carb cause long term problems.

Also, I live at 6000' elevation and rarely go below 4500'.
I have the high elevation wire grounded. Should I try
stoping the stepper motor needles at less than full rich?
As a long time motorcyclest and seat of the pants
mechanic, it feels like its running rich. I'll give it
the Lone Pine Rd test tommorow, 3000' gain in 8 miles,
and post a report.

Thanks for all the good info.

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