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O/T-FSJ; AMC 360: low idle oil pressure like 258?

I've had to shift attention from my Scrambler to an FSJ w/ an AMC 360. Not much action over at FSJ board and I'm sure there are many SWB's who are familiar w/ AMC 360's and their quirks.

Per the OE gauge, my recently acquired '81 FSJ J-20 runs about 25psi at 40mph, but drops to '0' while idling at stop lights. Just changed oil & filter - 10W30wt. Odometer shows 85K miles. (Surplus vehicle from USMC via a public school system and Ryder. Looks like it was well maintained under the hood. Engine runs/sounds good; no 'odd' noises. Seems to have plenty of 'gitty up'.)

Is low oil pressure prevalent in 360s like it is in 258's?

Suggestions? I had planned on driving it about 650 mi (from VA to OH) this weekend.


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