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Does your NP435 make whirng noises?

Hi all, I've got a Ford EFI 5.0 bolted to an 84-85 Ford NP435 tranny in an 86 CJ-7. The thing is a complete hoss, and 1st gear is pretty much un-usable in town, but she is solid for sure! My question is this:

The NP435 (I think the noise is coming from the tranny) makes a whiring noise over ~20 MPH, and the whir increases with speed. You can get up to 45-50 and you can tell it's whiring pretty fast, but putting in the cluth or shifting into neutral has no effect. When I slow down the whir slows down but doesn't really go away until I stop. I'm a little concerned...

This is also using the Ford 11" clutch/flywheel/bellhousing.

Is this because it is a big 'ol heavy duty truck tranny and is not graceful at all, or does this sound like an area of concern? Any input is appreciated! Thanks!


BTW, I used Whir 6 times including this one! [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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