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Re: Wiring/Team Rush upgrade question

You can still do a soldered splice. Cut the ignition wire and strip 1/2" from each end. Twist the wire from the module with end that will point up, and slip the heat shrink over the two. Then twist the other end of the ignition wire onto the two. When you get that far you'll have an upsidedown Y with the heatshrink on the two arms of the Y. Then proceed as before.

The reason for the upsidedown business is that it will make it a little tougher for water to seep in, and the wire from the module won't be hanging so as to pull the heatshrink open.

If you want to be able to remove the module you can splice in a short pigtail as above. Then you should use a water tight bullet connector - the kind with a nice rubber boot on each part. They're used in a lot of places in the factory harness, but I don't know where you can get them. Maybe a boat store.

Otherwise you'll have to use a regular male/female spade connector. Be sure to use the female on the ignition wire (hot) end. Before you plug them together put some electrical contact grease on them to keep them from corroding. Call me a mossback, but I solder spades on instead of using the cheap crimp connectors if it's anything important.

Underhood wiring is one area where it pays to be very meticulous. If you slap it together (use those in-line SkotchLok connectors for example) it will certainly work, but it's also likely fail eventually.
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