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Need pix of TJ D44 rear brake assembly, please.

Here is my problem:

My 2001 TJ Sport has an automatic tranny and a Dana 44 rear axle with 3.73 gears. Ever since the first winter I had it, I have suspected that the rear brakes were not working properly. If I brake on ice or packed snow, the front brakes will lock, but the rears will continue to push me along no matter how hard I step on the pedal. I have to drop the transmission into neutral in order to stop on ice or packed snow. This summer I put the Jeep up on jack stands and tried stepping on the brakes with the engine idling and the transmission in drive. I expected the rear wheels to snap to a stop, but no matter how hard I pushed the pedal down, they continued to spin! I also noticed the emergency brake will not stop the rear wheels no matter how hard I pull on it. It is adjusted properly. I have changed master cylinders, but it did not fix the problem. I suspect that the problem is not a hydraulic problem anyway, because the regular and emergency brakes are both affected. I am starting to wonder if something inside the brake drum (like a spring or other piece of hardware) was installed wrong or missing. If anyone has a picture of the rear brake assembly for the D44 or has a link to one, please let me know. If I can compare the picture with what I have on my Wrangler, maybe I can see if somthing is installed wrong.

PS I had been to several dearlerships when the Jeep was still under warranty. I got a range of lame explanations, excuses and lies. I had to pay a $34.99 service charge and each time I heard "We adjusted your shoes" or "The brakes are supposed to be like that" or "your antilock brakes cause the wheels to not lock up". (I don't even have ABS.) I am very reluctant to have the dealership look into this and want to fix it myself. If anyone has pictures, ideas, or suggestions, please send them my way, as I am getting desperate! Thank you.

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