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Re: my first ride.

ahh man that sux ...not as bad as my first ride though !Here I am at Mojave Desert in California where they have the "MDR Off-road Racing Series", well i took my uncles raptor out for a ride while him and my dad where doing some last minute mechanic touches to their Baja bug, i was ridding with my 2 little cousins and this hot chick that was the same age as me. And being an idiot teen as i am now I try'd to show off and went for the biggest hill to just go up it and make a U turn (cuz i thought it was a cool thing to do/impress her) so I went up and i was about 3/4 the way up and the quad didnít wanna go any farther.

The back wheels where digging deeper into the sand so to try to jiggle it out...instead of moving side to side or just getting off it I leaned backwards [img]images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] <--thatís my face when i found out that me and the quad where falling backwards. No I didnít tumble down neither did the Quad but we both just fell backwards and planted into the sand. I broke 3 ribs and was in terrible pain but at first I didnít notice because i was in a hurry to get up and act like it didnít hurt to make me look like i wasnít a wuss in front of the young lady. well i figured out i couldnít get up bye my self so they all helped me out. At the time I didnít know it was broken and we still had to stay at the Desert for 2 more nights + the closest hospital was about 1 hour away. My dad wasnít real mad and sent a friend to take me to the hospital to get fixed up and to come back for the 2 nights we had to stay there...THE MEDIC BILL ! $700.00

That was 2 years ago when i was 15 and i have never crashed that bad since then (crashed only twice in the past).
Learn from your mistakes and others right ? I think we all had are moments

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