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my first ride.

For my seventeenth birthdayi convinced my dad to get him and me four wheelers. He got himself a 2002 Beartracker and me a 2002 Warrior. I had been fourwheeleing a little bit before but nothing serious just some easy trails on friends quads.

The first time i took out my warrior i went with a friend on some small trails by my house. We rode around doing easy little hills and windy trails. We came to a steep hard dirt hill that never really tops off it just ends and you have to come back down it. My friend was leading and turned around when he came to it knowing neither of us could make it up the hill.

Me, out of trying to be macho and curiosity, hit the throttle and started up the hill in second gear. About half way up the hill came to the realization that as far as i went up i had to come back down backwards. Without thinking i hit all the brakes and just sat there for a second (litteraly) trying to think of what the best plan of action would be. Then almost as soon as a stopped I started coming back down again. Before i knew it my quad was turning sideways and rolling down the hill. I luckily bailed off in time. After getting down to my fourwheeler all i thought that happened was slightly bent handlebars, bent light guard and scratched up plastic. I hopped on and everything ran just fine. But then my friend noticed that i had bent the rear axle. I rode back to my trailer in first not sure if highspeeds would ruin it and wanting to be cautious. Then i had to tell my dad that the first time i took out my fourwheeler i caused $400 dollars in damage.

I guess thats what you get for being a seventeen year old boy with nobody there to tell you no, and a natural urge to show off.

P.S. luckily my dad was understanding. But some of the men in my neighborhood were gonna show my dad and i a few trails but i couldn't cause i wrecked my quad. Now i everytime i see them i get to put up with their heckling.

oh well, it could be fixed... and now it is.

[img]images/graemlins/AR15firing.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/chair.gif[/img]
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