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Electrical smoking dashboard!

Hey everyone, here's a long, weird one. I was working with my friend on my truck yesterday when we noticed he accidentally put his hazards on, but they were not flashing. We didn't know how long they were on for, but we turned them off and then started the truck (1978 J10) to charge up the battery (Gauge read near +60). About 5 minutes of idling, it started smoking under the dash! So we turned it off, and checked. The two light blue wires that connect to the neutral safety switch were totally burned from the safety switch and up about 12" from the connector. Turns out one of these wires (B wire) originates from the starter solenoid relay under the hood and then go to the neutral safety switch, where the other part (A wire, both light blue) comes from the ignition switch on the column. We spliced out the bad part of the wires, replaced the connector, neutral safety switch AND the starter solenoid switch, fired it up (with fire extinguisher ready lol) and let it idle for 15 minutes with no problems... drove around the block with no problems, then drove it home (16 miles) and still had no problems. What do you think could have caused this? If the starter relay solenoid messed up, could it be possible that it was supplying cranking voltage to the neutral switch after the engine started, or what? I don't know much about any of this stuff, and my friend certainly doesn't want it to happen again. Any ideas? We also felt the wires and switch afterwards, and they were very cool, not warm at all. BUT we did feel these two little boxes (one square and one canister shaped) near the fuse panel, one was warm, and the other was extremely hot. I think these have something to do with the turn signals and hazards? Hellp! Thanks guys... [img]images/graemlins/crybaby.gif[/img] --Rob
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