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new to jeeps, need advice!

Hey all, I just got my first Jeep, a 1980 J-10.

I really no nothing about the whole off-road experience, but Im trying to "cram" as much as possible before I start fixin' her up.

(this is long)

Ques. #1
The truck has a lift (4" I think), I have found the term "bump steer" to be quite accurate, how can I fix this w/o lowering any part of the truck. I plan on doing as much offroading as I can, and I would rather keep things nice and high, so I dont pour more $$ into a new (insert part here/stump puller).

Ques. #2
Is it possible to switch to independant front suspension, or am I thinking to far into it, and a straight axle will work just fine. (BTW, im in central NY, so I probably wont be crawling over/between big rocks.

Ques. #3
I THINK I have a T-176 tranny. I dont like it (for one, it wont go in first). Instead of spending a huge sum of money for tranny work, or the frustration of trying it myself with no experience, I figured I would try to find a T-18, 18A, or T-19 tranny in a yard somewhere. Which would you suggest of the 3 (or any other nice choice you know of). I like the idea of a PTO, and I would like to try to use one (or two) ports. I understand they all have at least one, and the 19 has 2??

Ques. 4&5
How can I tell which transfer case and which axles I have? What came stock on these Jeeps? I did find a (broken) CV style front driveshaft. Was that stock, or added with the lift? Would the stock axles/transfer case (or even the I6 engine) fail if I were to use/abuse it with 35" tires? I have some pretty worn out 33x12.50-15's on it now.

I'll let you rest for now... more questions to come, no doubt...

Thanks for any and all help.

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