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Re: Why do engine swaps

If the question is why not just drive the Tracker/Sidekick, I'll admit they are a more plush, but a stock 'kick is about as gutless as a stock samurai.

I like the boxyness / ruffer (?) look of the Sam and when you give the 'kicks engine a chance to lose the weight of it's donor and drop it in a (hopefully) lighter samurai, you get a big boost in power... The 'kicks back end doesn't squat when you launch, the 'kicks tires won't bark in second (although... I must say I am killing this AutoZone clutch already), and until the aerodynamics of driving a brick over 65 MPH come into play. I'd wager there is probably 4 or 5 car lengths between them.

That power came with fuel injection. This means wonderful starts in any kind of weather, the engine will run at almost any angle, and better fuel economy.

The biggest payoff I have for doing the swap is the flat out surprise I give my competitors who try to ace my lane at the intersection or toll booth. I am not the fastest car on the road, but the list of drivers that have to merge behind me and think, "my god, a samurai is faster than my (insert name here) Oh, the humiliation" keeps growing and growing and growing.... After being the courtious driver who by size and (lack of) might was forced to drive in the slow lane on inclines and/or draft vehicles on trips, it is nice to choose where and when I wanna be. Being the only Samurai in almost any parking lot for some reason is important to me to.... Dunno, Gots to be different.

My 2 cents [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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