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Re: Measured 1.6L 16V performance?

I followed the normal engine upgrade path:
1.3> 1.3 w/header> 1.6 8v w/Weber/header/low end cam> 1.6 8v TBI FI> 16v MPFI.
Without a doubt the 16v is the best of the bunch. The 1.6 8v w/weber 38/header/cam combo would get close performance but you really had to push it. The 16v gets way better milage.
In my sammi, stock w/16v and 1 passanger, I can accelerate in 5th going up a steep grade. I could never do that with any previous engine. There seems to always be power to spare no matter what speed or RPM your at.
If you can pull the 1.3 out of your zuke, you have the skills to install a 16v.
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