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Hello and Help!

Hey all - I'm new to both this forum, and to Samurai's, so this post is to introduce myself and ask for some help. Don't worry though - I'm not new to the forum concept, and I do know how the search button works! [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

I've got an 86 Samurai, with the original 1.3 in it. Its pedigree is questionable at best, so at this point its a rescue operation to bring it back to life and reliability. I was looking for a Samurai for about two years before I found this one - here in Winnipeg they are rare to begin with, snapped up by a very active off-road community, and the bodies are usually rusted down to nothing by our winters and salt.

Eventually I'd like to do a modest lift (this will be my daily driver and winter car in addition to off-roader), and would consider either a 1.6 swap or Webber Carb / Calmini header combo. In addition to the Samurai I've got a Nissan 1600 NX which is used for autocrossing and will be stored in the winters. Anyway, I'm a dedicated fan of the Samurai and am extremely happy to have one.

So - here's what I could use some advice on...

1. Crazy metallic scraping noise on deceleration. When slowing down, in gear but off the gas, there's an intermittent metallic scaping noise coming from the direction of the shifter... sound is intermittent in the sense that it sounds like one thing is bouncing off another. Sound is the same in 2 or 4wd, and is the same regardless of what gear I'm in. Opening the throttle or taking it out of gear makes it go away immediately. Seems pretty evident (to my uneducated mind) that there's something shady happening in the transmission- anyone know what?

2. Strange rubbing sound coming from the back on acceleration. When accelerating, right around 2000 rpm I'll get a low, dull rubbing noise from the rear. Can be avoided if I keep the rpms up, and it doesn't occur when coasting or maintaining a constant speed. I have no clue whatsoever what this would be.

Here's the maintenance history of it since I've owned it (about six weeks):

New U joints all around
New transmission mounts (3 of them)
New alt belt
All new fluids throughout
Carb cleaner
Rear brakes and cylinders replaced

Other problems:
Exhaust leak at the manifold - stinks
Rear dampers leaking
Choke not opening all of the way
Some electrical weirdness - turn signals glow when I step on the brake pedal

So - that's the word. Anyone's help and advice would be very appreciated - I'd like to get this truck to 100% before the snow flies, and have a great time in the mud.

Thanks in advance and regards,

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