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Re: Tough Truck Competition...Wish me Luck!

WOW! What a weekend! Where should I begin.....
I entered two competitions on Saturday, one at 12 noon and then the second at 7pm. The first races at noon were OK, but the guys that build the course got lazy and did not put the sand dune jump on the course so the race ended up being a strait sand drag......just dig up a tall sand hill then run straight to the finish line. I did OK, but only placed 6th. The Samurai seemed sluggish and I thought I was losing power somehow, but my rear brakes were locked up and I did not realize it till after the races.
The second race on Saturday (7pm) was an absolute blast! A bunch of us compleined that the track was lame and so they rebuilt it with a HUGE steep sand hill jump 50 feet before the finish line. To say the least, there was MUCH carnage. Several trucks and jeeps snapped dana 44 axles in half....even a few that were trussed, one dana 60 was snapped as well, and even the professional stadium racing trucks that drove down from New Jersey for the competition broke all four of their vehicles (these guys Ford Trucks and Early Bronco's were built to race and jump!!). The first race was against a Jeep CJ-7 with a stroked small block (383 I think) and left him in the dust at the second hill jumping about 30 foot in distance, but shearing off my passengers side motor mount. I ratchet strapped the motor up and went to the next round. The second race was with a full size Ford with a 460 in it and I smoked him as well, but broke the drivers side motor mount and the motor dropped down on top of the axle and ripped off two radiator hoses. We stole a radiator hose and hose clamp off of one of the cars left on the side of the course for the Monster Trucks to run over and repaired the hoses, then ratchet strapped up the drivers side motor mount I oficially had a freee floating motor held in by two ratchet straps. The third race was against a CJ-5 that had a 560 Cadillac Big-Block in it (He beat me last year in the same event). I stomped the gas and dug up the hill....he beat me over the first hill then I was catching up to him at the second hill and passed him in the air as I went over the second jump. I have no idea how fast I was going, but I a set a new track record of 57 feet, jumping so far I landed at the finish line and beat him. All he said after the race was "I cannot believe you passed me in the air!". Well I beat him, but upon landing the ratchet straps held up, but the motor still moved around in the engine bay enough to bend the clutch cable bracket so badly the clutch was barely engaged and I almost did not make it back to the pit area. I adjusted the clutch out as far as I could, but it slipped so badly I barely moved. The last race I stomped the gas, but could barely dig up over the hill. The Sammy was definately out of comission now so I went to the pits very slowly and rigged the clutch up so I could drive it back home.....45 minutes on the highway (no I did not trailer it since my truck is still getting painted). I made it home and fixed the motor mounts and other miscelaneous problems then headed back for the last competition on Sunday, but evidentally the block was fatigued from the steel motor mount breaking off, because the passengers side where the steel mount was bolted on broke out and I lost all of my oil and my engine grenaded itself. I heard it going, but tried to get off the highway and got stuck on the side of the road. So I never made it to the last event and I now have the below pictures to show for it.

The front end of the Samurai was a little bent as well.....and I had to drive back home on it!...Remind anyone of driving back to camp at the 2002 ZookiMelt??

I was so aggravated after getting towed home I went ahead and pulled the motor this afternoon and I would have put another back in, but I dod not have another Centerforce last clutch was disentegrated!

Sami Davis - What does legal mean? lol!

Sidetracker - I land on all fours when I jump so i don't need a cage....Not really, I just did not have time to do a cage yet...I only had 3 days to build it!

Zippy - Tim did kick some butt the last few years in some of these type of events! I won FIRST PLACE two years in a row at this event (2001 and 2002) and I plan on going to a few more....I love jumping and am qute the adrenaline junky!

Any Q's?

Sean (Zuk Killer!) DeVinney
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