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coolant leak, easy fix

I haven't posted in a while. A lot of changes this year, had to move, house in foreclosure, lost my job etc.. Thought I would be selling Zuk but still have it.
Late last year my Zuk started leaking coolant, thought the o-ring between waterpipe & waterpump was bad. I had a lot going on so just let the Zuk sit until last week. I got a new o-ring & while taking it apart discovered the reason for leak was a missing bolt. Bolt that holds waterpipe to block had come out allowing pipe to move rearward & causing the leak. I replaced the o-ring but the missing bolt caused the leak all along. This is something others may want to check, make sure that bolt is tight. It holds the pipe to the block near the rear of the carb, can't see it but you can reach down & feel it. Make sure the bolt is tight or you might start leaking like mine.

Take care everybody,
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