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Re: Tough Truck Competition...Wish me Luck!

Here is what I started with:

The guy I got this Samurai from stripped it completely. He took the even took the seats, dashboard, gas lines, and the brake lines! I am lucky it still had axles and springs under it. So literally EVERYTHING off of my totalled white Samurai had to get swapped over onto the new one.

Now my white Zuk is beyond stripped.....just a frame with a partial body.....and a set of seats! Still want it Billy Bob?

Here are a few pic's of the new black Zuk:

I left the bumpers off to save on weight, but they will be back on after the event. I also had to put the 31's on it with these gay aluminum wheels so it would do better in the sand with the lighter tires. The lighter the tire the faster the wheel speed and the quicker I can get down the course. The course is too short and too hilly to go over 45 or so MPH, but at 45 I can get some sick air!

Sean (Beat it, Break it, Build it Better!) DeVinney
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