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My Wife\'s comments...She saluted my Zuk!

She will never sease to amaze me. You'd have to know her to get the full jest of this comment, but earlier today we went to the local Walmart and while on our way, she spots something in the back seat of my truck. She ask "What is that?" to which I reply "It is a little fold up military shovel that I picked up at the pawn shop." "Well, what's it for?" I am going to put it in my Zuk, you know, in case I get stuck and need one. She busts out laughing histerically and says to me "You gonna dig that truck out with that little shovel? I have seen the stuff that little truck went through, if you get stuck you are gonna need a front end loader to dig out with!

Hows that for a salute? [img]images/graemlins/RockOn.gif[/img]

My little Zuk has done me right though. I am in a hunting club that has 3300 acres and I have the only truck that will get to about a third of it. I have had about 500 acres to myself for two years now.
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