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Painting Questions...????

I'm considering my options regarding painting parts of my Sami. Firstly, my hood needs to be replaced. I have an really nice spare one, but I need to fab a new scoop/vent to allow for clearance for my Weber.
My present hood has a vent that I fabbed, but I was looking for something a bit mor professional and larger.My question here is, being that there aren't any off the rack scoops that will fit my setup, what would be the best way to fab up a hood scoop? I was thinking something like what the roundy round crowd runs on modifieds. I would also like it to have a closeable vent, employing a cable to open and close it as the weather dictates. My sheet metal skills are nonexitent, so I'd have to find someone local to fab this up. Any ideas here???.........
When that is resolved, I'll then have to paint it myself or have it done professionally. Cost to have a shop paint it would be around $100 or so. What would be my options ??
Any suggestions??.......

Of course, I want the world and only want to pay pennies for it....
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