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Re: TT spool in and ready to roll

Ok I will try to do my best to go through the steps of the install.

1.Drain diff lube

2. Jack up rear end just enough to lift the tires 1/4 inch off the ground.

3.Remove the four nuts on the back of the brake drum (not the four big nuts on the front leave those alone. Disconnect the emergency brake cable clip and brake line. Plug brake line to keep it from leaking all over.

4. With a large hammer give the tire a couple of wacks from the inside this will relese the bearing and axel shaft all in one piece. Be carful not to damage the seal in the axel housing. Do this for both sides.

5. Remove 3rd member, it may stick a little but a little help from rubber mallet will knock it loose. Be carful this thing weighs a ton.

6.Secure the 3rd member in a vice and mark left and right side of the bearing arches (see your service manual). Now remove all 17mm bolts and the two 12mm bolts that hold the bearing adjuster in place. Carfully lift the ring gear and carrier and set on bench.

7.This is the point where an impact wrench would come in handy but you can make due with two wrenches.Remove the bolts that hold the ring gear to the carrier (I marked the carrier and the ring gear just to make shure it went back together in the same way).

8.Remove the bolts on the carrier and remove top of carrier. Slide the pins that hold spider gears in place and remove all gears and shims insert spool and replace pins.

9.Replace carrier top and put 12mm bolts back in (USE LOCKTITE)and torque to 13.5--20 lb-ft.

10.Install ring gear again use locktite and torque to 58-65 lb-ft.

11.This is where it gets a little tricky. I set my carrier with the bearing races in place and set the adjusters in place (the things with all the holes in them be careful not to set them in cross threded). Now hold the bearing cap just above the bearing and start the bolts by hand.Now place the cap, the bolts will help guide the cap on to the adjuster and the bearing.At this point only tighten the cap bolts to 7 to 10 lb-ft.

12. Now it's time to set the backlash.With the ring gear to your left, tighten the left adjuster all the way until there is no backlash, this preloads the left bearing.Now start screwing in the right adjuster untill you can feel the backlash in the ring gear not to much but just enough.Try to match what it was before you took it apart if not just a little tighter.

13.Replace the little clips that keep the adjuster from backing out and torque the bearing cap nuts to 51-72 lb-ft.

14. A little Right-Stuff around the 3rd member and put it back in to the axel.

15.Put a little lock-tite bearing seat stuff on wheel bearing and slide tire and axel back in to diff.

16.Don't forget to bleed your breaks and add oil to your diff and your off and running

Hope this helps. [img]images/graemlins/thud.gif[/img]
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