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Re: Who has best diamond plate panels???

its a combination of all the above. Im just naturally a thick person, but I also started doing heavy work when I was 11, carrying 100lb mailbags up and down stairs and lifting 100s of 45 lb cartons of magazines over and over again 3 hours a day after school and 8 hours a day in the summer. In the 80s I worked at a health club and had free use fo all the nautilus machines and free wieghts and I used them alot. I was also working construction at the time pushing a shovel, digging out the foundation for a building out of clay. (whew!!!)

Though I am certainly not a shriveled up prune of a person muscle-wise, it is freely augmented by loads of FAT. I weigh 315 lbs and I'm only 5'10 1/2", though mowst folks seem to guess about 260-270 when they look at me. I guess its not all fat. The bicep is real and the forearm muscles probably come from 27 years of guitar playing, plus I am a professional driver and that keeps your arms working all day. My legs look a little like that too (I used to be able to leg press 750 lbs without trying) ..its just the middle parts that are kinda..uhh..plush.

I want to get a multigym thing for my house to help stay in shape..I'm 43 years old and 25 years of world class beer drinking kinda wears on ya, but I think I may be abel to save some of it. I recently started up a hobby that gets me out and walking around in the woods every weekend with my family, so that might help drop a few tons, too.

And if I spent 16 hours every weekend doing wrenching like I did this last weekend, I'd probably look like Lou Ferrigno in about 6 months. [img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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