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Re: H2 owner can HEAR a tie rod bend...

What the heck was that?

I had a '77 Cherokee that probably weighed in at 5500#'s and it never broke anything because of a little bounce like that. We did manage to break a front spring while jumping it all day one time...that led to some SERIOUS repair work after the bind that took place.

I took a look at the H2 at a local dealership. Matzuki was parked right next to it and I asked the salesman a couple of questions. The one that stumped him most, “When off-road, what can this $45,000 vehicle do that my $3,000 cannot?”

Answer: “Well, this is 4 wheel drive and has a lot of horepower.”

I should take this video to him on my laptop and ask him if he can elaborate a little...
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