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Re: H2 owner can HEAR a tie rod bend...

All I can think of is: What a big, steamy POS that H2 is. It breaks down going up that hill?! [img]images/graemlins/lame.jpg[/img] Just goes to prove that some people have more money than brains. They think that the H2 is really an "off-road machine." While, the same guys think the Samurai is a piece of tinfoil that can't even get over a mole hill. [img]images/graemlins/AR15firing.gif[/img]

FYI, I went to Moab during the 2000 Zukfari and I really thrashed and bounced my 1986 Samurai trying to get up some of those hills. FYI, I did have a front locker but I was open in the rear. I had some real difficulty but I didn't break *anything*.
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