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Re: Convert Samurai hard top to convertible

I don't mean to come off as an a-hole, but, why the hell would you want to do that to a hardtop. First, is the hardtop was damaged than maybe I would see the conversion. Second, the hardtops are rare enough as it is, if you sell the hardtop and get a convertable, I'm sure you would have enough $ left over for some mods; plus you get the same result! Third, I forgot my third point, but I'm sure it wasn't that important.

On the bbs site, there is something on there about a conversion from hardtop to softtop, but I think it was done because the hartop had rolled and was really jacked up.

Also, if you do the conversion, I would love to purchase the side glass windows that are in the hardtop, and shipping wont be too bad since we're semi-close.

Lastly, welcome to the board!
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