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Re: Ebay Trouble

Had close to to the same problem. Called the CC company, they had me fill out a form. Pay Pal was upset cause the CC company told them to take a hike (but they would do NOTHING). When it was all said and done this person was trying to double dip. They had shipped the item that was DAMAGED, so when we called the shipping company they would get the cash for the item. Plus they had our money. By the time we got done talking to the shipping company and the CC had talked to the shipping company this person ended up in trouble. The shipping company and the CC were after them. Not sure what happend, but we never saw a bill from the CC. Pay Pal still has our account locked up, but I don't give a darn. I still have my money [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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