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Re: Is there a way to tell if I have a bent frame??

This repeats some of what has been said. I believe you have 2 probs.

Bent axle housing (been airborne lately?) measure the tires top to top/bottom to bottom and side to side.
All dimensions should be equal. If not the housing is bent.

As far as the tracking, you most likely have sheered a spring centering bolt and the rear axle is no longer
square to the frame. I see this at least weekly just watching cars and trucks in traffic.

This last is only if the truck has been in a pretty major accident.

If the spring bolt is not sheered and one of the main leafs is not broke (the other common cause), You may
have a diamonded frame. This is where the truck has been tagged hard enough to make the frame
trapezoidal instead of rectangular. Measure it cross wise to common points to check.

You can still straighten most frames, its just a lot of work.

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