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I have a couple of questions about the lt50. My son is three and is about 41" and weighs about 45lbs.
1-I was wondering if it would fit him alright?

-Probably, that's a good sized 3 year old. Mine was about 35"/35# when he got his LTA50.

2-Will he be-able to race it? (keep up with everyone else)

-Probably not, due to the lack of a transmission (just a clutch).

3-Is it dependable?

-Yes. It's a very understressed motor. Feed it clean fuel, oil, air, and it will live a long time. The tie-rod ends however, seem to wear out quickly.

4-Is there mods that can be done to it?

-Several, do a search. It is ultimately limited by the lack of a tranny.

5-The trails we will be riding in a mostly sand based, will it make it through the sand or will he get stuck alot?

-Due to the lack of power and transmission, I'd say it may not be your best choice, though I have not had my critter out in much sand yet. The mini Kasea 50 may be a better choice, although I prefer the LT's suspension design and front brakes (the Kasea has no front brakes).

Sorry for all the ?'s, but I don't want to spend all that money and get stuck with something that he is going to get bored with.
Thanks for any info
P.S. he has been riding my Banshee around with the governer in all the way.

-That, on the other hand, isn't something I'd be talking much about, given the current govt. BS -


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