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Locker acting up after axle broke. Any advice?

You may have read in my other post here that I broke the driver's side rear axle shaft at the splines. After digging out the axle stub and cleaning & inspecting the 3rd member, we reassembled it and I was able to drive the 60-70 miles home on the highway without any problems.

However, it felt that my rear end was not acting normal. Come to find out once I got back off the highway and into town, that the passenger side of the locker is slipping. If I give it much torque during a right hand turn, the axle goes "pop pop pop" as it slips. I'm trying to figure out what exactly might be causing this one side of the locker to be slipping, but not the driver's side.

Could a shard of metal be wedged in there somewhere to cause the locker to not fully engage against the sidegear? Could the axle breaking in the driver's side sidegear cause something to go wrong on the passenger side of the diff?

Any ideas would sure be appreciated. I want to get an idea of what exactly to look for before I actually pull the diff apart, and if I need to buy a new locker ahead of time so that I don't have to keep assembling and disassembling this axle more times than is necessary.

Thanks in advance!

-- Geoff Beasley
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