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What do you like and dislike about your 4x4 store?

I am a college student at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA as well as an avid 4x4 enthusiast. For a marketing class I am talking, I need to find out what you, the consumer, like and dislike about dealing with the companies that comprise the 4x4, truck, SUV, and Aftermarket performance Sector. While I have many ideas of what I think is good and bad, I would like to know what you like and don't like. I hope to use this information for purpouses of general research. I made a list of questions that you can use to answer if you would like or if you have a different comment or question, that is great too. Please write as little or as much as you like:


What aspect(s) of a four wheel drive vehicle shop (product or service based) draw you to do business with them as well as what you look for in a business that you will do repeat business with?

What are some of the best promotions you have seen and/or taken advantage of ?

What forum do you most prefer to purchase four wheel drive items? (example… internet, in person, phone, swap meets, ect.)

How much of a factor does price play in your purchasing decision with an item that you would deem as a major or substantial purchase (tires, suspension, winch …)?

What other aspects (good or bad) have you either experienced or wish were available when working with a four wheel drive shop?

Any other suggestions on practices that could be improved, things you feel lack, or other general comments about improving your overall total business experience with a four wheel drive shop?

Once again, I really appreciate this and thank you very much for helping me with this!

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