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Re: Turn Signal Switch / Steering Column question.

you need a "lock plate spring compressor" autozone loans them, it allows you to comrpess that plate that lockes the thing in Park, and remove the littel ring that retains it on teh steering shaft, then it all slides off and you can easily see the $19 blinker switch, its used on about 4 million cars in America since its a GM column, and should be avaiable nearly everywhere.

you may want to take it with you , its likely the parts monkeys wont try hard since its just an "old Jeep", but if you walk in with it and say its form a 1981 Chevy truck, they will have it for sure!

its comon to strip the screws out that hold it in also, I usually put a dab of red loc-tite (242) on the threads and just get them snug.

good luck
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