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Re: How much compression is enough?

It's entirely possible that if the head gasket was blown between
the 2 cylinders and the water jacket, it may have blown water
back into the other cylinders through the intake manifold,
drowning out the rest of the plugs.

Try the tow truck driver's trick - pull the coil wire out
about 1/4" from the coil and start it up. The extra gap
increases the voltage hitting the plugs, and gets the curve
on the steeper rise time portion - virtually blowing any
crud off the plug.

But - you are taking a chance of hydrauliking the engine if
water's getting in those cylinders. Best to take it down
and fix it before trying to start it.
New rods for the 225 odd-fire are getting hard to find.

To pull the head you've already pulled the water pump, so
might as well pop the cover and take a look at the chain
and tensioners. There should be 2 tensioners in there.

And, surprisingly, Pep Boys has the rubbing blocks in
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